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The 4Track Team 

Our Story​

Back in 2011, when things were simpler, Jack Dwyer, chief strategist, had a life-changing experience: he visited a content mill. It was a shocking array of keywords stuffed into 400 words and shoved out the door for pennies on the dollar, minute after minute. With no thought to what readers would care, good people were blasting days away hammering at keyboards and filling the pages of google with irrelevant slurry. 


He knew there had to be something better.  

Product copywriting was the start, and 4Track is the end-all. Content would soon be king, but there was an element missing until Jack partnered with data genius Lane Trisko. Data and content marketing would soon go on to be one of the most powerful marriages in marketing history. 

While Jack and Lane had a hard time taking things seriously, it was time for an expansion. 

So John and Noah came along to bolster the 4Track ExpertiseMargin​, and fortunately they take things very seriously. 

Lastly, Natalie joined to try and stop people from taking things all the time. It had become a problem.

So what is this team without a little give and take? Frankly, it's everyone you need to execute a content strategy that works in measurable ways. 



Jack Dwyer - Head of content, copywriter, head of lettuce. 

Lane Trisko - Data chief, architect of The Matrix.

Noah Fribley - Copywriter, night rider.

John Jacobs - Product management expert, jingleheimer schmidt. 

Natalie Keane - Graphic designer, graphic warning.

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