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You have uncovered the secrets of the content marketing shark. You shall be rewarded greatly. 

Content Marketing Strategy - $5,000

If you're throwing content spaghetti (gf) at the wall and hoping something sticks, you're going to leave your audience hangry. 

Here's what goes into the making of a content strategy. Long story short, it's worth it. 

Content Strategy Execution - 3,500+ / month, -10% for a year

Once you have a strategy, you need someone (ideally a team) to execute it.


Now every business is different, but it's likely that your content marketing strategy will call for a lot of content.


If you're not ready to write, shoot, produce, record, post, promote, engage, analyze, and iterate -- don't worry. It's pretty much all that we do. 

We work seamlessly with your team. You can call us anytime. You can set us on autopilot. 

We use real data to give you reports on metrics that matter - not just vanity stats.  

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