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Dear Bill, re: your question on blockchain and content marketing

Dear Bill,

There isn't a second goes by I don't think about earlier today when you told me you invested in new fish house. This is just my opinion, but if you're trying to invest in cryptocurrencies, you need to do more than just name your fish house the "Blockchain 3000". In fact, Bill, I thought even more about blockchain and what it means for us and our precious content marketing.

It comes down to this - blockchain will probably affect every industry out there, and marketing is none better than the rest. But, it's clear there are some industries that will be affected first, and fintech is the most obvious. Supply chain is coming in a close second, or we can all argue about the rest.

But that doesn't change the truth that blockchain will affect content marketing. How? Well, it's hard to pick just one area to start but let's say bots.

Utah sandstone, far away from any blockchain mines.
Blockchain and content marketing don't mean a lot for Bear's Ears National Monument (formerly)

Bots Are Hot

Bots are hot, in the news and on Twitter, everyone loves to blame a bot (or Ambien) for everything.

Bots cost marketers like you and I money though, Bill. Because they click on ads without intending to buy anything, and cause false statistics and high bounce rates.

Blockchain can stop bots. Because it creates a verifiable connection from the source of a hit all the way back to a unique identity, it'll become pretty easy to separate bot traffic.

To Hell with Third Parties

Here's another thing and this one is pretty good - blockchain will mean we can stop paying independent third parties to place ads for us. Instead, we can pay consumers who watch our ads individually.

Not only are they choosing to watch and get paid for content they want to see, our ad spend will be more targeted and effective than ever before.

Everyone Loves to Be Empowered

Content will be empowered, Bill. Clickbait will disappear, misleading headlines won't work anymore. That's because content creators will be rewarded directly for the content they create, and those that create bad content will no longer get rewarded for it.

Bill, we know that no one likes writing the Top 10 Things that Britney Spears Swallowed On-Stage articles anyway.

Blockchain is coming, and not only when you tow it behind your Camry. Blockchain is coming for content, and the only thing to do is be prepared.

Castin' off,

4Track Jack

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