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4 Signs Your Roommate Might Be a Grizzly Bear

Ugh. We've all been there. You go off to college, excited to take on the world, and then you're stuck with one of those weird roommates they talk about in movies. But if you've arrived at this page, that can only mean one thing: your roommate is possibly even worse, and some of the behaviors they're exhibiting could actually be because they're a live, wild grizzly bear, and not your typical roommate.

Here are the signs to watch out for.

1. They're unfriendly

Sadly, grizzly bears don't interact with humans the same way that other humans do, and this can be taken as an affront. While your neighbors down the hallway seem to enjoy going to the dining hall together, your roommate often just chuffs, snarls, or clacks their jaw in their side of the room.

2. They have strange eating habits

If by now you've stopped inviting your roommate to go to the dining hall with you because they're always chowing down on raw salmon, moose carcasses, grubs, and your leftovers, that's a pretty big red flag that your roommate might in fact be a grizzly bear.

While grizzlies have diverse diets in the wild, they are able to consume nearly anything. If you left a food wrapper in a your backpack and came back to find your backpack in shreds without a bear in sight, it's possible you have been overlooking the most likely culprit: your grizzly bear roommate.

3. Their side of the room has turned into a den

One of the lesser known habits of grizzly bears is to sleep in dens, which are protected from the elements and hidden from sight from potential troublemaking predators. If your roommate doesn't sleep on their bed, but rather emerges from a small, makeshift cave, perhaps under a large fallen tree root, every morning, then that's a real good chance they're actually a grizzly who happens to live on campus.

4. They're fiercely protective of their young

Roommates fight, it's part of living together probably, but do you notice that you often fight with your roommate when you happen to come in between them and their young? That's a good way to start something. If your roommate seems chiller when you're not near their bear cubs, then that's probably a homerun guarantee your roommate is a grizz. Good luck.


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