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4Track Beauty Tips You Can Use AND Abuse

DIY Luxurious Exfoliating Soap Bar

You've been there before - a hot shower and all of a sudden your exfoliate runs out leaving you fully foliated, your ex nowhere in sight. Fear not, and never run out of anything again with this beach inspired DIY solution. Simply take a bowl of sand with you into the shower, and right before you turn off the hot water, when your bar of soap is softened up a bit, simply dip it into the bowl of sand. Simply roll it around so it's covered in sand and then place on the rack to dry. 

Next time you shower, you'll be ready to scrub. If there is a next time. 

Run out of Soap? These Natural Laundry Nuts Will Clean Your Clothes

You've been there before - a pile of dirty clothes to wash, and the only soap you can find is at the store or your neighbors laundry room. Fear not, and never sneak into your neighbors house again with this squirrel inspired solution to clean clothes. Simply check your pantry or your neighbors pantry for these household items that'll definitely have an effect on your clothing or whatever else you choose to Spin Cycle.

Here goes:

1. Acorns. Are these even nuts? Why don't you ask a squirrel. 

2. Pecans. There's no reason you pecan't have clean clothes if you have these calorie packed, nutrient dense nuts in a jar on a shelf, or your neighbor's do. Simply take or thieve a handful, drop them into the dryer and wait for the magic to happen!

3. Scientists are exploring if any other nuts, whether pea, brazil, or wal, classify as washing nuts or just plain old eating nuts. Stay tuned. 

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