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  • What's the difference between 4Track and a freelance writer?
    Good question. The difference is sort of like an airplane vs. a car. While they both have wheels and an engine, an airplane can fly. You need a writer for content, but you need 4Track for a content strategy. We have writers on our team, but we also have data analysts, graphic designers, business strategists and SEOs. You're getting an airplane full of content strategy, and the best part is you can set it to autopilot and enjoy the results. Or, you can keep emailing your freelance writer and see if they'll make their deadlines.
  • Why 4Track and not someone else?
    Hey, we understand we're a little different. If you were concerned that our website doesn't look like every other content marketing agency out there, here's a fake landing page with all the oversized icons and weird, vague promises you can imagine. Otherwise, people hire us for a few reasons. 1. We're great at what we do. Our content delights and gets results. 2. Our clients can call us anytime and actually get a response. We place a lot of value in human interaction, and are happy to chat about anything. If you want to set up a daily video chat, we'll be there for it. If you have an idea you want to try out, we'll make it happen for you. 3. Are you still reading this?
  • Why do you keep showing up at my door?
    Great question. We're really glad you asked.
  • Is content marketing scary?
    Yes and no. It's mostly exciting, because once you start you're on the journey to great things. But it is a journey, and that can be scary. The truth is, it can take some time before you start seeing the returns on content marketing investment. Hiring 4Track is more affordable than bringing on full time staff and without the committment and extra costs like HR and onboarding. You can't hire the combined expertise that the 4Track team brings in just one or two people.
  • What is your expertise?
    Besides content strategy? Our team is diverse and brings real-world experience from a number of industries. - International security and relations - Emerging tech; blockchain and AI - Big data architecture - Fintech - The Simpsons Jeopardy These insights deliver tremendous power of knowledge at what drives your customers. Disappointed we don't pretend to be experts in 70 subjects? Neither are we.
  • Is that your pet shark?
    You can't tame the heart of a wild shark, Bill. But you can be a shark whisperer. Click here to call in the Content Strategy Shark
  • Which came first: the chicken or the egg?
    Obviously the egg and here's why -- dinosaurs existed before chickens. Dinosaurs hatched from eggs.
  • How long do we have to work together?
    For as long as you want. Content marketing is a long game, but we don't believe in long contracts. The results do the talking, and most folks we work with stick around.
  • Who do I see about a horse?
    While a lot of other content marketing strategists would say you need to see a man about a horse, we're gender neutral and efficient, so skip the middle person and get your horse right here.
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