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Data driven strategies, truly unique content

Original Expertise

We don't hire writers, we partner with experts.


Jack is the only full-time copywriter on this team and he's outstanding at what he does. However, he doesn't have a law degree, a medical license, or three terms in congress under his belt.

That's OK. 

Because before each project, 4Track seeks out a true leader in the field of what we're creating content for. 


It's the best way to guarantee unique, original and engaging content.



Oh yes. Too much of what is passed off as content is just copied from other blogs, articles and even videos. 




You said it. That's not a great way to deliver value to your users, which is the first and only step in content marketing.

It's all good though. 

4Track uses data to make a strategy, and then people at the top of their field to make amazing content, copy and strategy just for your users. 

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